image2 Mike “Big Mike” Robinson

Mike “Big Mike” Robinson aka “BMIKEROB” is a music executive with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He is committed to redefining Artist Development. Big Mike, specializes in Artist Management, Coaching & Consulting, Music Marketing (including Internet and Social Media Development), Music Supervision, and Talent Booking. Mike’s years of experience have afforded him a unique perspective on this ever-changing industry. As an Executive Talent Scout for Big Mike Rob has given independent artists opportunities to perform on great platforms such as, Blaze the Stage a National Brand, BET’s 106, Park, BET Experience, School tours and Major label showcases. As CEO, and Founder of UGMX Development Studio for more than 7 years, Mike was fortunate to have dealt with and connected to just about every conceivable segment of the industry. He has spent years building and nurturing an extensive and invaluable network of artists, artist managers, agents, publicists, label execs, producers, etc. Since forming BmikeroB Management, Mike continues to explore new horizons. He has managed artists and traveled around the world as a tour/road manager. He has also, immersed himself in the world of Web Marketing/Social Networking and helps to develop and consult emerging artists in today’s music industry. Mike has immersed himself into what he truly loves to do, which is to provide leadership skills and life skills to youth and gives opportunities to independent artists and entrepreneurs. BmikeroB Management is built on the belief that the future of the music industry begins and ends with one very important thing, which is artist development. The company is committed to helping artists further their careers and to help bring a rebirth to this once thriving music industry.

Mike’s EVENT HOSTING skills is very much in-demand for Music Industry Events and Shows, especially Events geared towards the Youth, as well as for Community and Charity Events. Mike also hosts the Annual Street Low Car Shows, Celebrity Basketball Events, Annual Venice Beach Spring/Summer Classic Showcases, and numerous Open Mics. Mike is also an Inspirational Speaker for the Youth and his years of experience with Artist Development has afforded him Expertise in the subject, thereby becoming a well received and respected Speaker, Guest Judge or Panelist for various Music Industry Seminars and Conferences throughout the US.

In 2015, Mike created “STAY READY RADIO” radio show because he recognized that there were a lot of good musicians from all over the world, who no one knew about. He figured the best way to help artists get noticed, would be to provide them with a platform to get their music into the hands and ears of music lovers, via an Internet based Independent Artists Radio Show, with a twist, by providing live footage.

PANELS/HOSTINGS: •2014-2015 Urban Network• 2014 BET Experience Lyricist Lounge 2012-2015 • 2014 Female Hip Hop Awards• 2009-2015 The School Tour California • Indie Entertainment Summit (IES) • 2010-2014 Blaze The Stage • 2012-2013 SXSW • 2012-2014 AC3 • 2011-2015 Core DJ Retreat • 2010-2014 BET 106 and Park Wind Out Wednesday Auditions • 2010 – 2015 Venice Beach Spring Classics